A lot of customers depend on online review and buying guides to provide them with essential information before they buy a product. Product review sites are mainly based on customer ratings from a shopping site. When buyers purchase a product online and use it for some time, they are likely to submit a review of the product to the site where they bought the product or other sites that offer review platforms. The overall feedback from several consumers of a product is then used to rate the product.

Buying guides are created on the basis of product ratings from several online shopping sites and review sites. The buying guide is likely to give a list of items based on the reviews provided by consumers, and a detailed explanation of the pros and cons of purchasing the product. It is estimated that more than 60% of online shoppers consult product review sites and buying sites before they make a purchase. The following are some tips you should know about Top toy list for 2018 holiday product review sites and online buying guides.

The first tip you should know is to always look for a most detailed buying guide when you want to buy a product. Some product reviews only have catchy titles like best air purifier for small rooms, top toy list for 2018 holiday, best kitchen gadgets and more fancy titles. But if you click on the content, you only get a list without any explanation on why they are top or best. You should seek buying guides with price ranges, where to find the product, customer reviews, advantages, disadvantages and any other information that proves to be helpful. Check out Air Purifier for Small Rooms Buying guide here! 

The second tip is to remind you that not all third-party customer review sites are legit or provide reliable information. Some customer review sites have been known to have sponsored content. This means that such review sites might be in conjunction with the production company to give high ratings to their products for a fee or any other benefit exchange. It is easy to differentiate such sites because their reviews are more of a sales campaign rather than an informative platform. A trusted review company should be neutral and flexible in their reports on all products and are capable of criticizing products if they are not up to standards.

Finally, you should not totally depend on one shopping site's customer feedback. Look for other independent review sites, buying guides and established shopping sites with verified buyers. It is also advisable for individuals to look for that one site that they can depend on when they want to check on a product. It takes time and some effort to establish whether the review site can be trusted but when you do, it always comes in handy when you need it.